About Dani


My years on this beautiful Earth have all led to this moment of self-expression.  I was born in Minnesota and loved my childhood for the simplicity of it.  The bonds of friendship I experienced and the natural wonders of living in the country created a love for nature at a young age.

My physical moves from Minnesota to New Mexico, to Oregon and then around the globe opened my heart to the truth of self.  It wasn’t all easy and I had my fair share of painful experiences but in the end, I knew the truth…every experience is an opportunity to grow.

I’m filled with the joy of living life with heart and soul.  I love my wide range of interests and skills.  The bliss of connection and communication continue to inspire me in all that I do.  I trust in the Divine to guide my life.

Here’s a bit about me…keeping the list simple:

  • I am a Usui and Karuna Reiki Master and Teacher
  • I am a highly intuitive, heart-centered, believer of love.
  • I believe in miracles and magic while keeping the faith to live in trust.
  • I am a creative, soulful, highly silly woman who is a mix of Divine Cosmic Wisdom and Earthy Grounded Passion.
  • I am an entrepreneur – facilitating groups, hosting workshops, running a private practice.
  • I am an energy-light worker (meaning everything is energy and I work with it to heal)
  • I am a life coach who believes JOY is the key to living an authentic life!
  • I am a consultant specializing in marketing, growth, and breakthroughs.
  • I love alternative methodologies of healing and I’ve learned several.
  • I graduated from university in 1995 in Business Marketing and a minor in Japanese.
  • I work as a Marketing Communication Manager (during the day).