What is BEAUTY?

Eagle CreekI’ve heard so many of my Portland tribe talk about the loss of beauty this week as the Columbia River Gorge burns.  I felt the grief and pain of transmutation (fire) as it consumed gorgeous parts of Eagle Creek and beyond.  My heart goes out to all the animals that are trying to survive, to the people who are being evacuated from their homes, and to all the Standing Tribe (the trees). I really do understand the fear and the grief.  I’m in no way saying not to honor your emotions and feelings. Be with them as you experience this moment.

And through my own process, I come back to the question, What is beauty? We all create and define beauty.  Some seek outside validation of their beauty.  Some are too wounded to own their beauty.  Other see something with their human eyes and recognize beauty. And some feel the beauty and connect with it energetically.  Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, is it not?

I heard several mothers talking about how sad they felt about not being able to show their children the beauty of the gorge.  And how the fire has consumed the trees and land and that their children will never know that beauty.  Yet, I am struck at how their grief and sadness is impacting the truth of beauty.  Please create a space within this new-growth 2893221-burnt-forestfire and transmutation to find the beauty.  You are all correct when you say the gorge will never be the same again.  And yet, the rebirth, the survival, the persistence of Mother Nature is BEAUTIFUL!! The children that see the burnt forest WILL find beauty.  It might be how one lone tree still stands or how the blackened forest still lives.  The roots are deep and from those roots, new growth will come. Yes, it will be different. It may never be what you remember to be and that’s ok!  We cannot live in the past nor can we be attached to what we know.  In every moment, there is an opportunity to know something new, experience something new, and live in the newness that is a gift.


Mother EarthI pray that people will release their grief, step beyond the perceived devastation and witness the miracle of life.  Pachamama (Mother Earth as she is referred to in Peru) is an ancient being who has seen change, embraced the chaos, and continues to thrive.  She is aware of all that is happening to her.  For we live in her heart, on her belly, and she holds us with her love.  She is transformed many times before and this is just one phase in her cycle of living.

I end this blog tonight with a prayer from the Mother:

My dear ones,
You are not alone. I am here with you. I have your hand and hold your fears in my womb to transform them into new life. I will not die, nor will I be destroyed. Trust in my love for you. Remember that we have done this dance of transmutation many times before. Honor your feelings but do not create more doubt, fear, or resentment. You are born from love and in that, you hold the key to know love and share theyemaya_ochun_2 love. I ask that you find the small miracles such as the refreshing wind on your cheek, or the song of a bird to lift your Spirit. Now is not a time to add to the destruction and the fear that is upon us. Now is the time to find the good and to live in beauty. I ask that you let go of your definitions and open your heart to experience the magic and wisdom that is available to you.
I love you!

All my love,