Clarity + Intention


Words…they can mean so many things to so many people.  I personally love them.  I find them to be insightful, inspiring, stirring, and sometimes challenging.  How many of your know of the little angel cards that have a simple word with a simple drawing?  For years, I’ve been pulling 1-3 angel cards to help me become aware of my moment or my day.  I find it gives my mind something to focus on and then my heart and soul are free to experience.



I recently pulled the “Intention” and “Clarity” cards.  I’ve been sitting with them for a few days as I really would like to feel into what they are asking of me or maybe willing to teach me.  So far I get the feeling that intention is asking me to become more aware of what I am doing and why.  To be focused on my desires and allow them to come into my life with ease.  The little angel is at a golf course about to hit the ball to the hole and in the distance you see the flag.  The clarity angel is looking out on a horizon with binoculars.  She seems peaceful and taking the time to see what is ahead.  The sun is rising in the distance and there are rolling hills.  I feel like she is asking me to set my eyes upon what it is I desire and become aware of what is coming.  To have CLEAR INTENTION…what a beautiful way to live my life.

One might ask what is your desire?  I’ve been asking myself that daily as I spend my time on the mountain.  I have lots of desires.  I’ve even written them out so I can read them daily.  I’ll share one with you as I believe sharing what we desire with others can add to the magic and power of manifesting it.

I desire to speak and live from my heart – feeling my feelings, expressing my feelings and honoring my truth in a way that supports my life and creates sacred space for others to do the same.

So I ask you, what do you desire?  And I’d like to encourage you to change the word “want” to “desire.”  If we want something there is an energy of having to wait for it. When we desire something then we can feel into that desire and help align our body, mind and spirit to the fullness of that feeling which assists us in manifesting it.  Feelings and words are energy so allow them to flow and move you into inspired action.

Many blessings dear ones!  I send you a ray of sparkling light and love,