Collective Healing


Today, March 24th, 2020 is the new moon in Aries. I’m going to repost a bit of Emily Trinkus‘ insight to help you understand the energy of why I’m sharing this with you.

The more things in our current 3D reality seem crazy, the more we need to lean into the big picture. At the highest level, there are no mistakes. We incarnated here at this time for a purpose, and what’s coming up for each of us now is EXACTLY the medicine we need to grow into our next phase of evolution. Tuesday’s New Moon in Aries (5:28am eastern) offers the potential to expand our understanding of who we are, and transmute fear into power.
Aries, the first sign of the zodiac, asks, Who am I? How we answer that question determines every other aspect of our lives, and especially – how much power we think we have as creators of our reality.
Most of us in this culture have a very wounded and limited sense of identity – an identity that says we’re all alone, we’re separate from god/goddess, separate from each other, victims of circumstances “out there.”
Emily Trinkus, Galactic Priestess, Astrologer

So I woke up this morning to dreams/visions of women being raped – violated, gang raped, tortured. It was horrifying! I quickly tried to dismiss the images, the cries, the pain but it would not leave me. I knew in that moment that this collective wounding needed to be cleared at whatever level I could offer my love, light, and truth. The energy was intense and the truth of the unseen was being made real.

Whether you believe in past lives or the unseen or the collective wounding/conscientiousness doesn’t matter. I have always been an energetic being and the unseen world is where I’ve spent most of my life. The way we are connected and the threads that connect us. I’m known as a weaver…someone who sees and feels the collective and individual threads that create our reality. I understand this to be a gift and I’m fully present to who I am and what I’ve been called to do.

In this short video I offer some insight and tonight I’ll go into ceremony to feel into this wound and do what I can to help relieve it, transmute it, and hopefully bring some healing.

Monday, March 24, 2020