Desire…such a sweet word and yet so full of fear for some and for other a juicy opportunity. To desire is to want but it’s more than a wanting…it’s a heart yearning that moves you to action. 

I have discovered the to claim your desire is extremely powerful. Often times, people associate desire with a logical approach.  
I desire a new car…can I afford it?
I desire a piece of pizza…it’s not healthy.
I desire a hug…who do I ask? How do I get it?
I desire a loving partner…do I deserve it? Will it ever happen?

Desire is often met with obstacles and negative thinking.  It often makes people pause. Rarely does desire get to be free and uninhibited. How sad for desire, right?

From the Dictionary:
verb (used with object),  de·sired, de·sir·ing.
to wish or long for; crave; want.
to express a wish to obtain; ask for; request:The mayor desires your presence at the next meeting.
a longing or craving, as for something that brings satisfaction or enjoyment:a desire for fame.
an expressed wish; request.
something desired.
sexual appetite or a sexual urge.

As I continue this physical journey, this exploration around the body, I am in a constant conversation around desire. What do I desire to feel in my body? What do I desire my body to look like? What do I desire to eat? What I am desiring to express with my body? How do I desire to share my body with others? 

What do you desire?

Desire is natural. It is part of our everyday life. It offers us the opportunity to own something within us that enables us to be authentic. It is a journey of trusting the unknown and fulfilling on a feeling.  It offers us the chance to step out of comfort zone and feel the exquisite possibility of something different.  It allows us to be in touch with that intuitive, sensual, passionate, juicy part of ourselves that urges us to take action. 

I recently had an experience where I allowed myself the freedom to explore a desire to passionately connect with someone.  It was profound.  I let go of the rules and allowed myself to be in the flow and trust the moment. I was a little scared but I was more excited about the possibilities.  It was beautiful. Passionate. I am so grateful for exploring the difference between desire and denial.  

What do you deny that is actually a desire? How could you allow the desire to exist? Sometimes, a desire is a powerful catalyst to a new way of being. It so important to give yourself the freedom to not only acknowledge the desire but to feel it. Let the spark of life force ignite that energy within your body. Desire does not always have to be acted upon but to allow it the space to be free – to exist – enables you the opportunity to feel the energy and use your discernment to follow your inner truth.