To Dream Again


IMG_2009This beautiful full moon in Aquarius has offered me a light to see into myself in a way that feels so beautiful.  The past couple of weeks has shown me how much I am loved and cared for by so many.  I don’t take it for granted but my heart has truly been touched by the love of family, friends and soulmates.  I feel as if I have been given a huge gift.  A gift that has enabled me to see myself in a new light with an increased sense of love, joy and gratitude.

The hard journey is over.  I will no longer choose to struggle.  I will no longer choose to settle for less than my true heart’s desire.  I will no longer shrink my light to please another.  I will no longer accept mediocre when I am exceptional. I will no longer shift my frequency of living an abundant, graceful life to one that is filled with conflict and confusion.  I can clearly say all of this without judgment of what was but with a grateful heart full of love for the experience.  I am blessed and I am ready to live my life anew.

IMG_2016My heart and soul are in a beautiful creative partnership dreaming my life into being.  I feel excited and uplifted to remember the fullness of who I am.  I can feel the winds of change and this time I have released the old patterning and old thinking so I am able to fly upon the currents.  The dreams are full of passion and a desire that stirs me.  As I write this I realize I am my own muse…what a beautiful recognition.

IMG_1998I do not know the concrete next steps but I trust completely that the dream was created eons ago and the Creator is revealing it to me as needed.  All of my desires are inspired by the truth of the Eternal Unconditional Love that I came from so my responsibility is to have faith, feel the desire and allow it to unfold.  In that, I feel completely at ease and my heart is safe to unfold to the mysteries of life.  I have everything I need and more than I can even understand.  Thank you Goddess.  I am love.
I love you!


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