Happy New Year!


As I sit on the eve of a new year, I am reflecting on all the ways my life has changed in a year.  I feel so blessed at this moment as this last year has been full of transitions, new experiences, and lots of growth. It’s a perfect night to give thanks for all the blessings and clear the path for more blessings.

Some people may wonder why I’m wishing them Happy New Year on November 1st.  It has to do with the old ways and the cycles of the moon.  Technically the real Samhain isn’t until the full moon on the 4th but our calendar links it with Halloween on October 31st.

We are being supported by the Full Moon in Taurus and Jupiter in Scorpio to feel our emotions – all the passions, all the sensations of the body, all the mystery of unknowns, and excitement of expansion. Now is the time to allow the darker emotions out so they can be released and healed. Those past experiences that caused you doubt, took away your faith and made you question your worth.

It’s okay, in fact, it’s necessary to forgive yourself for making those experiences mean more than they did, for giving away your power, and for believing that inner critical voice that tells you that you are not worthy, you’re not good enough and that you can’t do anything but be a disappointment or a failure. You have to be willing to see the magnificence and brilliance that is within you and that wants out!

So now that you have an opportunity to start fresh, begin again, and leave the past in the past, will you take it?  

So often when opportunities arise, people’s fears also rise.  I get it.  It happens to me too BUT we must choose ourselves, we must for the sake of our soul and those we love. Choose to let go, step into the newness with joy, excitement and a willingness to move forward.  The world and the Universal possibilities don’t stop because we are stuck in fear or some story we’ve created that feels more comfortable than the unknown.

Be a Love Warrior.  Be Brave + Courageous.  Be Free. Be Yourself!

Come into the light, my friends.  Feel the passion in your body and let it lead you.  Feel the willingness in your heart and say yes.  Feel the desire to be more of yourself so you can accept what is and have more of what you want.  FEEL!

The key is Forgiveness.

Forgive yourself. Forgive your younger self. Forgive your attachment to being safe.  Forgive your choices that you would not make at this moment because you’ve grown.  Forgive that critical, hurtful, brutal inner voice that torments you and abuses you.  Forgive those who you blame,  Forgive those who you can’t even name.  FORGIVE!

forgiveness-1024x292A simple yet powerful process that I use to get to the core of myself is the following: (you can do this looking in a mirror or sitting and taking deep breaths or both)

  • Take a deep breath in. hold for 2 seconds. release through the mouth with a sound.
  • Do this until you feel more relaxed (typically 3-10 breaths)
  • Now, set your intention to be forgiven. “I accept forgiveness”
  • Then, start by saying out loud and don’t stop until you feel or experience a shift. (this could be a physical sensation like your shoulders dropping or it could be an energetic experience where you start to feel warm or tingly in your body or it could be tears or sobbing. Whatever it is, allow yourself the freedom to feel it!)
    • I forgive myself.
    • I forgive myself
    • I forgive myself
    • I am completely forgiven.
    • I forgive myself for ____________.
    • I am completely and wholly forgiven.
    • I forgive myself for ____________.
    • I am forgiven
    • I am forgiven
    • I am forgiven

Keep saying it until you feel complete.  And use any of those statements in any order.  Trust yourself.  Trust this process.

Heart to Heart,

I’m happy to support you as you forgive yourself.  We can meet face to face or on the phone, Skype or Facetime. This would be a process session – a combo of coaching and energy work.