Happy Autumnal Equinox! 

Autumn Leaves


On this day of change and as we integrate the energies of the New Moon in Virgo, I’d like us to take a moment and reflect on the question I asked you in my last blog postWhat is your heart calling you to be?

As you read this blog let the words inspire you, let the few minutes that you’ve slowed down to read be the moment that your heart, soul, and mind connect and align.  You can do it intentionally but you can also just keep reading.

radiant heartI’ve spent my whole life learning how to heal.  I’ve searched for the answers or ways that I could heal my pain, my body, and my heart. It’s been a journey and along the way, I thought I found ‘the answer’ but the truth is there is no single answer.  In all the searching, there have been times where I lost my way.  I lost my intention and focus of my heart’s calling.

As I return to this question, “what it is my heart is calling me to be”, I’ve realized that my heart, my soul only wants me to be me – all of me!  It has changed expressions over my years but it’s never stopped calling.  Sometimes, I’m better about picking up the call and other times, I’m stuck in my suffering – the pain of past wounds – and don’t feel able to answer the call.  Either way, the heart still calls.

Here’s a bit of what I’ve discovered along the journey and search for healing:

we are multi-dimensional beings – both Spirit + Human
we are resilient and ever-changing
we are a collection of all the years we’ve ever lived
we hold on to the meaning of something more than we need to
we are whole, complete and loved – ALWAYS
we are choosing our experience by what we are focusing on
we are free to explore, express, and experience as we wish
we are held in love and nature is the reminder of that love
we can study anything we want but to know yourself is the greatest inquiry
we are offered tools, resources, ceremonies to help connect to our core essence
we have an inner atlas that leads us to our truth – it’s called feelings
we are given a never-dying body that supports us in our journey
we have every answer within us to guide us to our greatest joy
we need each other more than anyone can realize
we are having an experience but it does not define us

I’ve studied many modalities of healing – energy work, reiki, shamanism, divine feminine + divine masculine, crystals, herbs, angels, saints, sound, aromatherapy, flower essences, essential oils, breath-work, astrology, numerology, cooking, meditation, cosmic wisdom, diets, medical studies, prayer, ceremony/ritual, pagan, cultural healing (Celtic, Peruvian, Japanese, Mexican, Argentinian, Siberian, Chinese), and even more.

It all comes down to this for me, right now: Love Yourself!  Do whatever you have to know and live in the expression of love. You are precious so accept it. Love who you are and always have been!  For me, it’s meant slowing down to feel the emotions and experiences of my childhood. It means staying committed to my journey and not giving away my power to others. It means slowing down and taking time to reflect on my priorities. It also means setting strong, healthy boundaries so the me that wants to shine has the space to do it.

QuoteTo seek, ponder, search, and wonder are natural so explore the world, explore yourself but “no matter where you go, there you are” so slow down and be with yourself. The heart will continue to call, will you pick up and allow yourself the healing of accepting who you are is ENOUGH and then allow that enough to blossom into more than you can imagine?

So, What does your heart call you to be?
enjoy the journey!