Healing Energy



We are energy!  Everything is energy!

Since I was a little girl I could feel the pulse of the Earth.  I could feel the vibration of living things.  I loved running bare foot in my back yard, rolling down the hill and climbing trees to feel the wind on my face.  I haven’t always honored this gift as it used to scare me.  I tried to deny that I was part of everything – that my breathe was connected to the breathe of the Earth.

In my late teens and early twenties, I finally came to accept that I am energy. I am more then my body and that my soul/Spirit was eternal.  I realized that time is not linear and that I am not what I thought I was (boundaries, definitions, limitations).  In fact, I am eternal.  I am in constant motion and I am alive in ways that I don’t even understand.

shutterstock_222294763My entire Spiritual Journey started with learning Reiki.  It’s the foundation of my energy work but does not limit me in my expression.  Reiki is an ancient form of channeling energy that is part of the Great Life Force of the Universe.  It’s eternal and available for everyone! My job is to be the open channel (think of a hollow bamboo reed) to allow the energy to flow through me to another.

Over the past 20 years, I’ve opened my channel up to receive all forms of energy that assist in service to Love and Light so the individual who is on my massage table receives exactly what is most needed for their journey (think of it as fuel).  I am there to hold space for this healing energy to move into the person and assist in the removal, shifting or healing.

You might ask what this feels like or looks like…I can share from my experience.  I often receive information about that individual’s life – this one and past – especially if we are working on a trauma or a physical alignment.  I have been trained in various modalities (Native American, Peruvian, Earth Mentoring, Sound, Crystal, and DNA Light Work) so I can assist the energy that is flowing in to get to where it wants to go.  I not only feel energy but can often see it as rays of light or sparks or balls of energy.  I can also see the darker, dense energy that may be causing a blockage.  With permission from the person and their body and soul I do what I can to assist in the removal.

kundalinicroppedOften people experience the energy work I do as peaceful, healing, supportive, regenerative, joyful and relaxing.  I’ve been told that after a session with me they feel lighter and more willing to try new things or more confident in their choices.

I love what I do and I love sharing it with others.  I would be honored to hold you in a space of release and allow the healing energy of the Universe to assist you on your path!

Heart to Heart,