Hello September!!!


septemberIt’s absolutely my most favorite time of year. September. There is a special kind of magic available as the winds change and the sun shifts.  It’s a time of wonder. A time to take someone’s hand and take a walk. A time to slow down the mind and allow things to marinate.  The heat and intensity of the summer are starting to fade.

I invite you to allow this magic into your life.  Let the truth of your heart out. Let love lead the way.  Let joy spark your inner fire.  Let passion stir your desires. Let this September be the one where you fall into yourself in a way that changes everything. You were born to be who you are not who you’ve been conditioned to be.  You don’t have to follow the rules! You can trust your heart and live your truth.  You don’t have to hide or be scared that you’re too much or not enough.  You are perfect!

Three years ago, I went to Scotland for the first time in this life.  It has forever changed me.  I walked a land that called me home.  It’s only happened twice before which was in Japan and Peru. The spirit of the land and the people came rushing towards my heart and I felt a stirring within my soul.  I knew this land, these people in a way that created a longing to be. It’s hard to describe as the energy was so intense.  An inner fire burst into flames. My heart ached from so much love. My whole body changed. It’s as if I woke up to a new way of being or maybe it was a remembering of a past long forgotten.


In each place, I met people who were once my family and became my family again.  And each time I had the desire and intention of living there.  Making it my home again in this life yet that hasn’t happened. My heart breaks just a little at that realization.  This is the mystery of life that I don’t understand. It doesn’t take away the memories, the awakening, or the love I have for the people and the land.

This is where I will surrender to what is and allow the Universe to direct my path.  September is a good time for that as it’s my birth month.  It’s a time to integrate and a time for newness to become manifested.  I honor my heart and all the hearts that have touched mine over the years. You are not forgotten.  I carry your love and friendship with me.

I’m back in my birthplace for the first time in 30 years to celebrate my birthday. It’s hard to believe that it’s been that long since I was here in Minnesota for my birthday.  I have some very sweet and special memories around that too.  So this weekend I’ll go to the State Fair, hopefully, find some Loons to watch and listen to, and allow my heart and soul the opportunity honor my childhood as I celebrate.

Autumn_oak_butterflyWhatever September is for you, I pray that you allow the subtle and not so subtle changes to guide you to your next opportunity to open your heart and allow love in.

This picture reminds me that I was born with everything I need and can transform at any moment and take flight.