Finding the Time


Take TimeWe have to take the sweet moments and let them heal us.  So often we stay busy and allow the outside world – work, schedules, commitments, responsibilities – dictate our lives.  How we spend our time is our personal choice.  It’s critically important that we guard our personal time with the fierceness of a mother bear protecting her baby.

Now, if you know me, just a little bit, you know I’m a highly responsible woman.  I take my commitments seriously and I do all I can to keep my promises (this has often cost me dearly – loss of relationships, loss of myself) So, what I’m saying about taking time for ourselves is even more important as it’s coming from someone who is learning this as well.  What does this even mean, right?  I mean we hear it all the time especially if you are reading self-help books, picking up O Magazine, or following some alternative practice or way of life.

It’s finding the beauty in the moment.
It’s finding the joy in simple things.
It’s finding time to take a long slow deep breath.
It’s finding a moment of compassion for yourself.
It’s learning to look for a miracle in every moment.
It’s expressing gratitude as you feel it.
It’s being aware of your thoughts but not necessarily believe them.
It’s staying empowered in your belief.
It’s looking for the messages found in the ordinary.
It’s appreciating the sweetness of life.
It’s anointing yourself with oils or lotions just because.
It’s creating a ritual and staying present in the moment.

intentionI could go on but all of these ideas/examples have ONE thing in common – INTENTION!

I will admit that I don’t always remember to have intention but over the years of practice, I remember more than I used to so there’s progress. It’s changed me. It’s added such beauty, meaning, and love to my life.

I urge you to really think about how you can have more intention in your life. Challenge yourself to create a practice and do it for 3 days – see what it does to your perspective, your energy level, and even your attitude. My bet is that you’ll notice that you felt more grounded during your day or you noticed the birds singing more or maybe you noticed that you’re smiling more.

life with intentionThis week, I took the morning to go explore the beauty of connection with a friend, connect heart to heart by sharing our heart’s desires and inspired ideas, and allowing nature to surprise us and show us its aliveness. It restored my hope. It gave me blessings that I’m still experiencing. Please enjoy the pictures below and may you find sweetness and beauty within as you see them.