The Pus of Hatred


Wow, what a week!  I don’t know about you but this week has really kicked my ass!  So much energy shifting and everything seems to be in transition.  I know that it’s been this way for a while but this week was extra strong.  Is this upcoming eclipse? Is it Mercury Retrograde? Is it personal? Whatever it is, it feels very real!

I have a tendency to be a “Pollyanna.” It means that I seem to always see or find the good even in horrible situations.  I focus my attention towards the light and can ignore the darkness.  Personally, I don’t see this as bad, I mean what good Pollyanna would see it as bad.  Yet, over the years, I’ve learned and embraced more of my shadow, darker side as well as the darker truths within the world I live in. This past week has challenged me to stay positive, in high vibration, and hold the possibility that there is goodness to be found.


PusOur world exploded.  All of the repressed, unseen, pus from a great wound exploded. It’s absolutely wretched.  It stinks. It’s gross. It’s that yellow, green pus that is thick and oozing everywhere! What do we do with this?  How do we clean it up? Can we even save the part of the whole that this infected pus is pouring out from?  It just makes me want to run away, puke and close my eyes and pinch my nose so I don’t have to see it or smell it.

This is natural. This reaction is human.  I mean come on, who would want to deal with this kind of disgusting mess? AND…this is our mess to clean up.  Look closer, the pus is coming from YOU!  We all have this infected pus coming out of us.  We can focus on the other but the real clean up is within ourselves!

This isn’t some little white head zit on your nose that you get to pop and then move on with your day.  This is a huge, gaping hole that is tender to touch, it’s infected and the wound can’t close. You need to wash the wound. Put pressure to ease the flow. Apply a wrap with healing ointment and tend to it every day – maybe even multiple times a day.  You can’t just do it once and think you’ve done enough.  You haven’t! You could loose your limb. You could become septic and DIE!  Is that what you want for yourself and others?  I pray the answer is no.

First AidFirst Aid to Healing:

  • Look deep, past the pus and see the root cause of your infection.
  • Use clean water to rinse off the dirt and debris.
  • Connect with nature for the healing salve to calm the fire.
  • Stay educated. Open your heart and mind to learn.
  • Do more! Use your voice. Stand up for others.
  • Become aware and get involved.
  • Own your story. Pray for healing.
  • BE LOVE – thoughts, words, actions.

And if none of this made any sense to you and you read it anyway – thank you!

To be very clear and direct:
The violence and hatred in Charlottesville, VA or ANYWHERE is NOT acceptable. Murdering, discriminating, hating are not acts of love.  Own your privilege. Black Lives Matter!


And here is my Pollyanna hope:
You are more than you know.  You are worthy! You are whole! You are loved! You are LOVE! Embrace your totality.  Please know that the world is abundant. I love you and support you in your journey of healing the inner wound that is festering and needing your attention.  Take sweet care of yourself so you can take care of others in need.