Reflection: Aftermath


This has been a challenging week with all the events in the world and in my personal world.  I felt let reaching out and being connected.  How are you doing? What feelings are you experiencing? Do you have the support you need to take the next step?

We are not meant to live life alone.  We are created to connect and to support each other.  Seriously, why else would we have arms, or hands, or nerve endings?  They are there for hugging, holding and feeling.  Have you used them today?  It’s a total win-win experience.  You feel all yummy and so does the other person.  You are reminded that you are not alone and each of you can feel good about giving and receiving.  Give it a try.  Go hug someone!  Maybe hold their hand. Whatever you do – ENJOY IT!!

The day I call “Love Day” also known as Valentine’s Day was full of ups and downs.  It started out with such love and self-care and ended with such sadness and unresolved emotion.  I could barely sleep that night.  All the sweet souls that died were passing over and my soul just couldn’t rest.  I spent most of the night feeling the discord of such a large group of people transitioning.   I prayed and asked for peace to fill the void.

The next day I felt a personal shift as it was the new moon which also brought in the Year of the Earth Dog (Chinese New Year). I could feel more expansion in my heart and that gave me hope.  We must act.  No one can tell you what your action will be but right now there are a lot of groups, organizations, and individuals acting.  Do I think all of this action is in alignment with my heart and my purpose – no.  I do however find gratitude that people are acting. It’s a complex issue full of voices – some pure, some purchased – so trust your heart.  Feel your truth and trust that the action you make will create ripples.

Here are my personal perspective on Guns, Children, Mental Health, and Laws.

As Human Beings we have a need to control.  We have a need to feel like we have the power.  Over the years of our existence that need has been acted out in many forms.  As a child, we screamed and cried until someone listened to us and we got what we wanted.  As adults, we may have developed a passive-aggressive behavior that manipulates others to give us what we want.  And if we felt like we needed not only control over ourselves but over others it may have pushed us to gain power in external ways such as becoming a politician, making a lot of money, physically or emotionally abusing people in our lives, or maybe become a grassroots organizer for the underrepresented in our society.  All of this is to say that the need to have control and to feel powerful happens at every stage of our life.

Guns for the US is part of civil liberty and part of our past and many see guns in a direct correlation to our freedom.  There is a huge cord between the past wars that separated us from our British ruler and our current day need to be free. So the NRA and all the people who buy into the power and control of having the right to have a gun will fight and act.  There is a lot of debate about a gun is a gun.  It’s not alive and has no power.  It’s about the person who holds the gun.  It’s that person’s desire and belief about what that gun will give them and do for them.

Unfortunately, the range of people who have access to guns is so wide that guns are readily available to everyone no matter what your age and no matter what you intend to do with the gun. So when a person feels depressed, or angry, or hateful and wants to stop their hurting they will create a scenario that hurts others.  Does this make sense? No it does not!  Yet people including children get confused and do not have the mental clarity to make wise decisions.

In the US, many people believe that the government will protect them, will create laws that are just and purposeful.  If you still believe that, please wake up! Our government and our lawmakers do not think of us, the general people.  They think about the control and power they can have and how it will benefit themselves.

Our system is broken!
Our history is dictating the future.
Our children are lost.
Our agencies that are created to help are no longer funded.

If you want a different future then you MUST create from the unknown.  The past will not lead us to a brighter tomorrow.  The past is full of death, blood, and pain. Generations have suffered and are still suffering. The only way to create a future where children are safe, where people prosper and where we connect is to create with new ideas, to let go of control and to learn to trust again. So start with trusting yourself.  Trust your heart and create more connection with those around you.

Take responsibility for your actions!
Create a network of people where love is the focus.
Hug the Children with kindness!
Be the example so others will learn!

There are no easy answers and the system that is in place has deep roots. If we want to create something new, it must start within. Do your personal work.  Forgive. Love. Act. Speak.

Heart to Heart,


Sara Wicht is one of my dearest and oldest friends.  She is also a super badass educator! I offer her as a resource because she is leading the way to change.  I highly recommend following her Facebook page.  You’ll learn so much!  And if you’re connected to education then please visit her website!


Teaching Tolerance is all about diversity, equity, and justice. Their mission is to reduce prejudice, improve intergroup relations and support equitable school experiences for our nation’s children. We believe that schools must educate all students for full participation in a diverse democracy. This is a key step in creating from the new!