Spring into Balance Workshop



I’m so excited to introduce you to this wonderful opportunity to honor the change in seasons within our own body.  So often Winter leaves us all nestled deep inside ourselves as we’ve slowed down and gotten used to the dark. As the light returns and the weather changes so does our energy.  It’s time to stretch in all areas of our life.  It’s time to start the process of birthing ourselves.

Release the Winter Energies and Receive Greater Self-Love, Compassion, and Joy as we move into the Balance of the Spring Equinox using Guided Meditation, Shamanic Breathwork, Movement, and Reiki. Be ready to be transformed. We’ll explore what joy feels like and discover how to offer ourselves greater self love and compassion.  As we offer it to ourselves we’ll learn how to give it to others from abundant overflow.  The idea of giving and receiving in balance allows us to spring forth in the beauty and love that is our birthright.

Opening Invocation
Moving into Our Joy
Feeling into Self-Love and Compassion
Breathing into Our Authentic Expression
Mandala Creation + Sharing
Closing: An Honoring and Blessing

Please note that we’ll have tea and water as well as a few light snacks to keep the energy flowing.  We’ll also take breaks between activities to honor ourselves. You’re welcome to bring your own water bottle or mug.  We ask that you bring an item for the workshop altar, journal, pen and an open heart.


lisa_imageLisa Irgens is a Reiki Master, Shamanic Breathwork Facilitator and Essential Oils Educator. Her passion is using that which is natural to feel good and transform whether it be laughter, movement, sound, meditation, breath, food, herbs and oils, and nature.


Jo Ann Wenner is the owner and founder of Prism Holistic Coaching & Consulting. She specializes in moving individuals and groups who are struggling through difficult transitions to Connect with what Truly Matters, Move Forward and Create a life aligned with Intention and Joy.

dani_circleDani Palacio (that’s me!) is a believer in joy and trusts the Divine to guide her life. She is trained in several modalities to assist you in living in your truth, discovering your joy and wildly loving yourself! She has over 20 years of experience in Energy and 10 years in coaching.


$88 per person
Please register via our Eventbrite page.  You’re also welcome to send us payment via check prior to the event. Tickets must be purchased by 10am day of event.

**please note that we are offering 2 scholarships for this workshop as we want everyone who wants to attend to participate. Contact me for more information**