Synchronistic Magic


IMG_2115I recently was gifted a book reading and talk with SARK by a dear friend, Sarah. And it changed my life! Sarah has loved SARK for many years.  She finds her to be authentic, inspirational, and a creative Goddess.  I too have enjoyed SARKs books, posters, messages and vibrant bright colors.  If you don’t know who SARK is then I’d highly recommend you check her out.  She’s written 17 books, offers classes and workshops and lives her truth!  I personally love SARK because she is open, vulnerable, brilliant and real.  She shares with you her current experience, she says it like it is and stands in her essence with love and joy.  I can see why Sarah loves her so much as I find all of that to be true about Sarah Love!  She too is an authentic expression of love and joy and shares it with the world in so many ways…if you don’t know who Sarah Love is then you should check her out too!

Now back to the story of magic…so several years ago SARK was teaching is the Los Angeles area and it was within a few days of Sarah’s birthday.  I got a wild inspiration that Sarah needed to attend this workshop and meet her mentor, her inspiration.  So with the help of a mutual friend, we gifted Sarah the workshop as a birthday present!  It was awesome.  Sarah went and got to meet her mentor and meet herself in so many ways.  It was an intense experience for many reasons.  Sarah felt excited and awkward which led to interactions and shyness.

So here we are today and Sarah found out that SARK was in town and that I would be in town as well so she gifted me the opportunity to hear SARK talk and meet her.  What Sarah didn’t know is that I was reading SARK’s latest book, Succulent Wild Love.  SARK and her partner John has gifted the book several months before for a free ebook download.  I downloaded it but then forgot about it.  I just recently found it on my Kindle and started reading it.  It’s profound!  I was having daily conversations about it.  When Sarah told me it was a talk I thought it was going to be on something else…her CEO Scott Mills and her were in town to do a workshop so I thought it might be about that but it wasn’t of course!  It was 90 minutes about Succulent Wild Love.

book-3d-trans-small-210x300I started reading the book because I wanted to know what a Succulent Wild Love would look like and see and feel into where I was already in the practice or where I might need to grow.  You see recently ended a relationship so my heart and soul are mending and seeking out a truth about how to be the woman I need to be to attract the partner who truly matches me and where our energies come together in delight, beauty, and love.  SARK and John share their insights and their practices about how to live in love and have the succulent wild love experience.  SARK explained that succulent means you are nourished from the inside like a succulent plant.  And to be wild is to be untamed and free to be yourself completely.  So to have a love that is nourished from the inside and to be free to be yourself means you get everything you want without compromise and sacrifice but instead Joyful Solutions.  (Get the book! You’ll love it. It’s not just partnership love but self-love)

Sarah + Dani Over the Years! Love you Sarah!!

That talk and the full circle magic of how the Universe has a plan and it’s all synchronistic opened my heart in wondrous ways.  The connection between two soul sister friends, the love and inspiration from one incredible woman (SARK) and the joy and laughter shared by all.  It could not have been planned.  I could only be orchestrated the Divine.  I am so grateful that I listened to the nudge that  got Sarah to meet SARK all those years ago.   I am so grateful that I listened to the nudge to charge my Kindle and turn it on. I am so grateful that Sarah listened to the nudge that said get the tickets.  I am so grateful to have such a beautiful friend like Sarah.  I am so grateful that as we heal past wounds we can also live in the joy of a magical life!

Blessings Dear Ones!  I love you.

PS: Life is Beautiful and So Are You! 2017 Calendar is on Pre-order now! This is Sarah’s amazing gift to the world…you don’t want to live without it!