The Body, My Body


Today I asked my body what she needed,
Which is a big deal
Considering my journey of
Not Really Asking That Much.

I thought she might need more water.
Or protein.
Or greens.
Or yoga.
Or movement.

But as I stood in the shower
Reflecting on her stretch marks,
Her roundness where I would like flatness,
Her softness where I would like firmness,
All those conditioned wishes
That form a bundle of
She whispered very gently:

Could you just love me like this?
Author: Hollie Holden

I found this a few weeks ago and as I returned to my blog to write a new one, I found it again! There’s been a lot of ups and downs over here with my internal dialogue and my desire to create lasting change in my life. I love that this is what I found when I finally sat down to write a blog.

SO often, I think I know what my body wants but most of the time, it’s not at all what she wants. She wants to be loved. She wants to be accepted. She wants the space and time to do what she does best. It’s different for each one of us, but the body carries wisdom…our muscles have memories, our bone marrow carry the magic of our ancestors, our blood the life force to know our truth, and all the body systems that have a purpose. Why would I think my brain (really my ego) would know better than my body.

There are many ways to listen to our body’s wisdom. Some get it by meditation (becoming quiet and listening) others get it by moving (running, yoga, walking) and still others might get it by partnering with a practitioner (massage, reiki, body talk, shaman, ceremony). Whatever your path is to know the undeniable truth and wisdom of our body, please do it! Stay committed to the path. Discover the wisdom and live in the magic.

Together we create a collective consciousness that enables all of us to receive strength, courage, and commitment. Your one act does impact the act of another. I’ve experienced this as I went through my first round of Whole30. I was blessed to have a dear friend also do Whole30 and I felt stronger, more willing, and more committed because I knew her and I were on the same path. I’m so grateful for that awareness.

A few resources that I have found really supportive:
Wild Feminine by Tami Lynn Kent
Women’s Bodies, Women’s Wisdom by Christiane Northrup
Qoya – A movement system to remember we are wise, wild, and free.