The Soul’s Journey


Have you ever wondered about the idea that our soul’s are eternal?  What aren’t we remembering? What has my soul experienced that might help me create a life that I love in this life? What wisdom exists that I need to know?  How do I access this wisdom, this experience?

The answer is: Akashic Record Reading!

If you believe that everything is energy and energy is eternal and constantly changing then allow for the thought that all is also recorded!  Yes, every thought, word, action and experience is being recorded.  That ‘record’ is being stored in a Great Library.  Your soul’s experiences are classified and filed based on your current legal name.  Now the question is how do we access the record and how do we read it?

I’ve had some experiences where I found myself in the Library but didn’t know how I got there except I could not deny that I was there.  This often happened when I was in deep meditation or ceremony.  I was always grateful and wanted to know how to access the Akashic Records deliberately.  Last year, I finally took the plunge was officially trained on how to access the records for myself and for another.

Akashic_libraryIf you google “Akashic Record” you’ll get all kinds of information.  And I invite you to investigate it.  What I can share is that it’s been a wonderful experience that often brings me healing, hope, and guidance for my life. The ‘answers’ I receive are not always fun and fluffy as only truth is given in a reading.  And truth can sometimes be hard to hear and feel painful or frustrating.  Here’s what I can promise you:

  • I promise to share everything I see, feel, sense, and hear from your record and the Masters, Teachers and Loved Ones that are there to assist you.
  • I promise to ask your questions  pure of heart so my perspective or experience does not hinder the process.
  • I promise to be a channel of loving energy.

Please visit my Akashic Record page on my website to learn more.  Sessions usually are 30-60 minutes depending on your questions.

Heart to Heart,