Using Aries as a jumpstart


As we enter the sign of Aries (we did that on March 21) and we look within to find our inner masculine, what will you discover?  Or does this sentence make no sense to you at all?  Either way, it’s okay.  I’d like to take a step back and share a bit more about why Aries is important and how it’s connected to the Masculine.

Aires is the first sign of the zodiac and is represented by the Ram.  It’s a Fire sign. And it rules the planet Mars.  Very masculine energy and archetypical stories come from all of these symbols.  I like this write up of Aries, “Aries are energetic, forceful and outgoing. Like the energy of the first rush of springtime, they move into the world in a headstrong, pioneering way, and prefer starting to finishing. They tend to rush into things, and may also be impatient. They have great vitality and a tremendous need to be physically active.” – AstroGraph

So we have entered a great time to explore what it means to have this assertive energy and the life force to be pioneering? How will you discover your passion and purpose with the drive to start and complete your desire? 

I’ve been feeling this energy in my desire to feel more in my body. I have had nudges to clean up energy in my life by who I choose to spend time with and paying more attention to how I feel after I spend time with others. Life is precious and it’s all sacred so it’s important for me to surround myself with men and women that uplift my energy, encourage me to express myself and to reach my goals.

As I’ve shared before, I’ve spent most of my life living from a place of energy, possibility, and learning about the unseen world. It was beautiful and powerful and it was a perfect way for me to ignore my body. I was a spiritual energetic being who was more concerned about ascension than the physical world and my physical body. I still a very spiritual woman and I am blessed by that part of my journey, but this part of the journey, the physical is rich and full of opportunities. Aries energy has helped me get clear that I want people in my life that share my desire to be physical, in my body, feeling my body and learning from my body.

I started writing this blog on the 21st and it’s taken a week to get my thoughts together around this. I have some very strong Aries people in my life and I am grateful. I’ve been watching their process and then asking myself how I can utilize Aries energy and qualities to jumpstart my journey. There’s no time like the present! At the same time, I got the flu! My body was in a major detox. It was intense and a gift. I had time to get clarity and a chance to feel into my body as it was in so much pain. Aries is working some magic, for sure!

So I leave you with this…how can you become more aware of the energy of the Universe (the zodic signs)? How can the ancient archtypes support you in living your very best life? Allow yourself to be inspired. Ask yourself the questions that make you nervous. Act and be the change you want!