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Today feels like a launching day.  A day of coming out.  A day that marks the beginning of something new! I feel the energy of 2018 as a wave of possibility.  I feel the energies within me stirring and creating more chaos than clarity.  I feel the energy of our Earth Mother as she shifts to continue to support life on this planet.  I feel the cosmic mysteries beacon to me in my sleep.  And to me, it feels like a call to be authentic, to be visible, to live with integrity, to let go of my need to control and to allow the mystery of life to move me in the direction of my soul. I invite you to share this journey with me.

If you are new to my blog, website and who I am, then I say WELCOME!  If you are a long time friend then I say WELCOME!  With each blog entry, I want to create a space that welcomes you to a moment of sacredness and within that moment an opportunity to be sparked.  I ask that you allow yourself to receive these words and feel the love and deep intention behind and all around them.

I am grateful that my marketing, business, technical skills have allowed me to refresh my website, rename my blog, and create a place of beauty.  I am grateful that my energic self knows how to weave magic and love into the words I choose and type onto the screen.  I am grateful that my human desire for connection and intimacy creates a pull to express my heart and share my journey with others.

Be the Spark
Be the Spark. You have everything you need to ignite your life on fire!

The Spark of Life blog is the new name.  It was important to me that the blogs and video blogs that I’ll be sharing offer you the opportunity to feel the spark, experience that inner spark, and feel empowered to spark another.  A spark is a powerful thing!

As a noun, it’s defined as:
~ a small fiery particle thrown off from a fire, alight in ashes, or produced by striking together two hard surfaces such as stone or metal.
~ a trace of a specified quality or intense feeling.

As a verb, it’s defined as:
~ emit sparks of fire or electricity.
~ ignite.

This blog was once called “The Goddess Speaks” as I was in a stage of life that asked me to own my inner Divine Feminine energy and wisdom.  To be a Goddess and to have a voice.  Now I feel called to be the spark for myself and to offer it to others.  For me, it’s about action so I want to emit sparks and to ignite something so sacred, so beautiful, so profound that it calls me and others to ACTION. We can not only speak anymore – it’s not enough!  We must rise, we must take a stand, we must take ACTION.

Please understand that you get to define what action looks like but I’m going to encourage you to take that action to that uncomfortable place because if we stay within our comfort zones we don’t grow as fast or maybe not at all.  I’m not willing to take the risk of “not at all” because when we get an inspired action there is a deeper calling to have that spark ignite a roaring fire and then…. we have transmutation.  It’s where the old is completely transformed and made into something new and that my friend is called Alchemy!  Now, we’ve reached the place where the past can’t dictate the future and a sacred space that is so fresh it creates a possibility and opportunity for something truly NEW!

In each blog I write, I may not be the expert within the topic I’ve chosen to write about so I’ll make sure to offer resources – books, people, websites, other blogs – so you have opportunities to connect to my larger community and to gain the wisdom and insight so the inspired action is clear!

I also am enabling comments on my blog posts so please take a moment and share with me.  And you can always reach me by sending me an email dani (at) dani palacio (dot) com – no spaces. Or on my Facebook Page, Living a Sacred Life.

Lastly, I will always sign off my blog “heart to heart” because that is how I wish to connect with everyone.  From the heart, we are pure in intention and able to speak our truth.  When we connect with ego, the head, or even the body things are muddled – we have judgments, biases, and fear. This is the old way…the new way is to be vulnerable, trust, and open our hearts.

Heart to Heart,

A few Resources:

I Stand for Love – If you need support in loving yourself so you get how amazing you are and how loved you are then reach out to this Love Revolution.  It’s lead by Sarah Love who has spent the better part of 25 years learning to love herself so she could create a platform and a movement to share that love with you and empower you to share your love with others.

SARK – An incredible woman, Susan Ariel Rainbow Kennedy, who is magical and inspirational.  She’s a best-selling author and truly leads the way in connecting with yourself and others in a fun, delicious, out of the box way.  Her website is full of inspiration.

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