You are NOT Alone


Happy Saturday Dear Friends!

I’m having a moment of compassion with myself.  I didn’t deliver my blog on Friday as I’ve committed to do.  I won’t give any excuses or give any reasons but simply say I’m sorry.  I’m sorry to myself for not keeping my word.  I’m sorry to you for not keeping my commitment.  Ahhh..that feels better.

youarenotaloneI write this blog as a process as well as a reminder to those that find it that you are not alone! This world is a big crazy place and sometimes we can feel isolated and alone.  We can feed that story by believing our inner critic’s voice. I’m here to remind you that you are not alone.  That even when you are the only one physically in the room, you are still not alone.  If we take a moment and slow our racing mind, take a deep cleansing breath and open our hearts to the unseen world we’ll start to feel more connected, more supported, and maybe even feel a presence in the room that is unconditionally loving.

I feel like offering a prayer, invocation or speaking to the Creator – whatever you wish to call it today.

Dear Mother Goddess, Divine Father, and all of our Helper Spirits,
I ask that you bless each and everyone who is connecting with this written word. May each precious soul feel the unconditional love that is available and freely given from your Sacred Heart. I ask that the 3-D world be kind and full of opportunity for each one of these souls to know their magnificence and true Divine Abundance. May each beautiful human recognize their Divine Birthright! Individually and collectively, we are brilliant, capable, gifted, loved, wealthy, supported, seen and precious. There is no need to worry, stress, feel less than or incomplete. I command that the Universal Love comes into the hearts and minds of everyone who reads these words. I command that their inner, true Core Essence connects them in this moment and forever more to their TRUTH. You are Perfect, Complete, and Whole! Anything that is out of alignment with this truth; I command it to leave now and forever, throughout all time, space and dimensions! And so it is.

I ask you to share this with others.  We all need this reminder.  All you need to do is share the post I put on Facebook or copy this website address and send it to people.  Thank you! I love you! May we all know our Divine Birthright and stay connected to our True Essence!