Clear the Cords



Are you feeling like you just can’t shake that energy or reoccurring thought about the past? It could be someone from the past or a place or even an object. Emotional, Etheric, Energetic connections that entangle our thoughts, emotions, and our energy. In indigenous cultures, people would come to a healer or shaman to help them separate the energy that was woven when the person was in a relationship with the other. Often times our intentions, attachments, past desires can take time to dissolve and in some cases can stay corded to us.

If you feel stuck and can’t move forward then a cord cutting ceremony might be the perfect next step.

What happens during a cord cutting ceremony?
Part of the ceremony is exploring verbally what is stirred up or what you’ve been triggered by or if it’s a person from your past then we’ll dive in to discover how and why this energy is causing you discomfort. As the participant, you’ll then relax on a massage table. As the facilitator of the ceremony, I’ll ask your permission to fully see into the energetic body. I’ll invite in all the angels, guides, and supportive energies to support the process. At that point, I trust the process and as I feel energetic blocks, cords, or dense energy, I clear, cut, remove, and transform that energy into pure love-light. I then reassess the energy, I check your energetic system (chakras, Hara line, and meridians) to ensure you are connected to the earth and has access to the cosmos so you have full potential to create your dreams into reality.

2 hours – $150