Energy Tune-Up


With all the transitions happening in our world and in our personal lives sometimes we can get sluggish. Often times we keep moving so fast that we don’t take the time to clean up the residual energies from completions, separations, change of focus, and even new endeavors. All of this adds up and before we know it we are feeling stressed, overwhelmed like we lost our mojo, and even depressed.

I can support you in releasing all of the unseen stuck energy so you feel more vibrant, free, and alive! It’s a simple process where you just have to relax and allow! I’ll sense into your energetic body, physical body, heart, and soul.

I have over 20 years of experience working with energy and the various ways it flows or doesn’t flow. I’ve had the privilege of studying with beautiful souls, shamans, healers, and energy workers. Although I started out traditionally, learning different ways to work with energy, I am at a place in my personal evolution that I now simply see and feel energy on all levels.  I understand and accept that we are energy and we connect with everything and everyone around us.

1 hour – $80