STAR Sessions


STAR – Self-Transformation Alchemy Re-membrance

It’s my heart’s deepest desire to hold sacred space for another as they discover themselves. My soul is calling me into action to assist men and women in their authentic soul expression. There are many ways to explore this truth and my approach is unique to each individual.

I am a ‘Jill of all trades’ and am ready to use the exact method, process, and experience to ensure you are fully nurtured in a safe-sacred space so you can explore your heart, your soul, and any obstacles that stand in your way of being fully present in your life and choosing from love.

anointing-oil-dropA Self-Transformation Alchemy Re-membrance (STAR) session is designed to assist you in your journey. You have every answer you need within you. It’s time to listen and remember. Transformation is guaranteed to occur as you shift your awareness, release old beliefs, heal old wounds, and be filled with the Divine Light that is you.

Alchemy is critical as it holds a new vibration and frequency that enables you to live your newfound freedom. It is the combination of the old self and the new or remembered self. As these energies mix and co-create a new knowing is experienced, a new energy is created. It is a re-membering. You are bringing in the pieces necessary for you to live your heart-inspired life. It’s a journey to self-transformation and creates the new by embodying the fullness of your soul in all times, dimensions and Universes.

My life experience has shown me some common trends in why more people are not in their heart-inspired dream life.  I’d like to share my insights with you…I believe that men and woman are not living fully in their bodies, which stops them or limits their expression and ability to fully manifest. There are energy centers in the body that hold key energies to assist us in our life. These centers are often called Chakras. The first three of the seven are the energy centers I am most called to work with as they hold critical keys. The root (1st) key is all about grounding, feeling safe and finding “home.” The sacral (2nd) key is the juicy, life force of creativity, which enables us to birth our desires (spiritually, physically, emotionally, sexually). The solar plexus (3rd) key gives us the confidence and self-awareness (I AM) to know our truth and emanate it into the world. If these keys hold wounds, are stuck or shut down the life force energy that flows through you can slow or not flow into your life thus blocking you from fully living your Divine Purpose.

For example, you’ll receive this amazing inspiration or feel a deep desire to create or share in some way and you instantly think of ways to express that feeling. Then you dream about it whether as a day or night dream you can feel it happening yet….nothing! You didn’t act. You waited too long.

If you’re first three chakras were open, flowing and assisting each other then the end of that example would be something like this… You wake from your dream and you start to identify what it would take to build it. Your creative, out-of-the-box ideas start to flow in. You feel the strength of this idea, it grows in you and you become excited. You are taking steps forward and you are feeling happy, joyful, and excited. And before you know it, whatever you wanted to create or share is now fully manifested. It might not be the exact way you dreamed it but the essence, the truth and the possibility of the original inspiration is birthed!

Preparing for a session:
Questions for self-examination
Single Intention
3 Questions to ask/discover

A STAR Session Includes:
Length: 2-3 hours
Akashic Record Reading
Sacred Anointing of the Body

An Exploration of the Root, Sacral, and Solar Plexus Chakras

1st – Root Chakra:
Qualities: Instinctual, Primal, Animal Nature, Safety, Home, Grounded, Ancestral Lineages

Current Life Experiences that could be affecting the center:
Not feeling safe, any form of violation or abuse, being told to be XYZ but you didn’t want to or you knew it was against your nature, moving around – city to city or state to state, afraid of the dark, staying too long in a situation that doesn’t support and honor you as an individual.

Feelings: Fear, terror, rage, anger, guilt, sexual pressure, numbness, uncertainty around money/future, blame, resentment, grief, hate, tension.

2nd – Sacral Chakra
Qualities: Emotions, Pleasure, Sensuality, Intimacy, Connection, Creativity, Lifeforce, Enjoyment.

Current Life Experiences that could be affecting the center:
Difficulty being in a relationship with self or another. Overworking. Judging others. Unfinished or incomplete project. The belief that sex or intimacy/touch is bad thus struggling in sacred union with a beloved. Addiction to overeating or junk food. Denial of pleasure. Hips tend to hurt, the body feels restricted, and the sacrum is sore. Feminine cycles are irregular, painful or don’t happen at all. Struggles with an erection.

Feelings: guilt, embarrassment, distrust, shame, impatience, nervousness, frustration, neediness, victimized, depression, blame, anger at mate, punishing self, rejection (masculine/feminine), fear of mother/father, control, denial,

3rd – Solar Plexus Chakra
Qualities: Self-esteem, Willpower, Self-discipline, Warm of your personality, Perception of who you are, Worth, Self-Identity

Current Life Experiences that could be affecting the center:
Feeling stuck or lacking the confidence to move forward. Over-committing and not following through on agreements. Agreeing with others when you don’t want to. As a child, you were told to be don’t get a say in your choices. You were or are being judged and criticized as not being enough. Feeling conflicts about who you are versus who you are supposed to be.

Feelings: Fear, “what’s the use,” Defeated, Anger, Bitterness, Condemning, Prideful, Dread, Anxiety, Powerlessness, Criticism, Disappointment, Failure, Shame, Justifying, Wallowing, Lack of self-belief.

**Please note that in the session we’ll address all the chakras as I tune into your energy, connect with your soul and guides they will instruct me so you receive a session in alignment with your heart, soul, and purpose!**

Sacred Holy Anointing

It is one of if not the oldest form of healing available on the planet. Women, Priestesses would anoint the injured, the sick, and the dying as well as in childbirth, marriage, and tantric experiences to name just a few examples. It is ultimately an ancient tradition of vibrational healing and spiritual connection. It’s a souls rite of passage. The anointing begins by creating sacred space so together we can explore what it is you desire in your life, what needs to be released and how best to bring energy into your being to be healed.

diana-head-shotDiana DuBrow, Scent Priestess of the Emerald Temple, created these holy oils and teaches the Scent Priestess way.  She remembered this path and the oils in a profound experience from ancient times. They are exquisite in their creation as they are blended into a scent that is unique and powerful for each part of the body and energy center. They are called Treasured Ethereals. The oils used are rare and the combination in each bottle is highly charged with life force, which creates an evocative fragrance that awakens memories. They are mystical, magical and assist in the fullness of the experience. They encourage the inward journey and may spark memories to serve you in releasing what no longer in alignment with you and remind you that you are a sacred vessel of love.

Banner_9_Oils_VThe anointing oils are then massaged into the body, beginning at the soles of the feet and ending at crown of the head.